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MAOZE stock ams OSRAM SYNIOS P3030 KW DSLP31. CE LED for car body lighting


MAOZE Electronics will prepare goods from now on ams OSRAM SYNIOS ® P3030 KW DSLP31.CE LED。 This is a product of ams OSRAM SYNIOS P series, which provid...

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A Complete Solution to the Formation of Tin Beads on PCB


When PCB boards are processed, there may be many small problems, including the electroplating layering we mentioned earlier. Today, let's learn about another common problem - tin beads. ...

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Powering the on-board driving system to be more flexible, nano chip micro launched the car specification IC GPIO expansion device NCA9539 - Q1


NOVOSENSE announced the launch of a new vehicle specification I ² C GPIO expansion chip NCA9539-Q1 can be accessed through I ² C expands 16 GPIO channels, which are widely ap...

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Renesa Electronics has launched a complete integrated development environment, enabling ECU level vehicle software development without hardware


Renesa Electronics today announced the launch of a new integrated development environment platform, enabling engineers to quickly create software for automotive ECU (electronic control unit...

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Evergrande Group: Hengchi 5 officially mass produced in Tianjin factory


On September 16, Evergrande Group announced that Hengchi 5 was officially mass produced in Tianjin factory on September 16.

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Infineon launched a dual channel independent DC-DC controller to realize four standard functions of LED headlights: high beam (HB), low beam (LB), daytime running lamp (DRL) and turn signal lamp


LED lighting can not only improve road driving safety, but also help to achieve flexible shape design, bringing new design trends, and is becoming increasingly important in the automotive fiel...

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