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Seoul Weiaoshi will show the extraordinary value of its micro LED at IFA in 2022

Release Time:2022-09-16


Seoul Viosys ("SVC") (KOSDAQ: 092190), an optical semiconductor equipment manufacturer, will show miniature LED and miniature LED display products based on laminated structure (supporting high-resolution display) at the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in 2022.

The stacked micro LED developed by Seoul Weiaoshi has a unique innovative structure, in which the three chips representing red, green and blue (R/G/B) are vertically arranged, while the unusual horizontal arrangement design. The main difference from traditional micro LED is that the R/G/B LED in the stack structure emits color light at the same position, similar to a single pixel, which can achieve excellent color mixing effect.

The micro LED produced by Seoul Weiaoshi adopts a stacked structure, which can achieve dark black and clear images. In addition, since the R/G/B light combined into color is emitted from the inside to the outside of the same pixel position, the user can see a clear image without distortion in any direction.


Excellent color mixing technology based on the unique technology of Seoul Weiaoshi (figure: American Business Information)

The stacked micro LED, which will be displayed at the exhibition by Weiaoshi in Seoul, is based on innovative future technologies and can be used to manufacture 100 to 200 inch 4K displays. The company will open up a space on the booth for visitors to experience the effect of micro LED. The company will show two miniature LED displays here: a 54 inch high-resolution 0.625 mm pitch (P0.625) display and an 81.5 inch 0.9375 mm pitch (P0.9375) display. Visitors will enjoy a clear picture with a high degree of immersion, and each pixel is lifelike.

At that time, Weiaoshi Seoul will also display various undisclosed products, which represent the company's key production processes on micro LEDs. The company has advanced transfer technology that can move micro LEDs onto display substrates. By showing the epitaxial chips, cabinets and other products manufactured with this technology, the company will provide differentiated prices and quality, while demonstrating its unique value.

In addition, Weiaoshi Seoul will also display a variety of display LED technologies that support its micro LED technology, such as the molding technology that controls the moir phenomenon and highlights black details; Low reflection technology that helps to achieve bright colors and high contrast under light; And cabinet display with customizable free form design, which can be easily installed and replaced with micro display and changed to various sizes.

Micro LED must operate stably under extremely low power. If you do not master LED growth technology, it will be difficult to achieve technological innovation. Through joint research with Shuji Nakamura, a Nobel Prize winner and a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the United States, Seoul Weiaoshi has mastered the quantum efficiency improvement technology of micro LED with the size of 1 ㎛. The company also operates the whole process from the production of red, green and blue light-emitting substrates to the manufacturing of devices and modules. It is worth mentioning that WICOP, the original technology of Seoul Weiaoshi, has been applied to its micro LED. WICOP is a key source technology necessary for the production of micro LEDs. It can manufacture micro chips without using additional components (such as wires), and has high reliability thanks to the simplified process.

Hwang Jeong hwan, President of Seoul Weiaoshi, said: "By ensuring the source technology of micro LEDs and mini LEDs, WICOP and quantum efficiency enhancement technology, Seoul Weiaoshi is now ready to meet the requirements of any customer. Our micro LEDs will achieve the top image quality that users have never experienced, and can provide first-class solutions in the rapidly changing large display market."

He also said: "Seoul Viaos launched a variety of integrated products, including LED, molding and cabinet technology, aiming to provide customers with better solutions and demonstrate the company's own strength". He emphasized again that the company's business philosophy is "not to compete with customers".

Seoul Weiaoshi will show its Real One Pixel product at IFA in 2022, which will also be shown on YouTube( )And social media channels.

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