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Kedajia Electronics added vehicle gauge level integrated inductor VSHB0754T series

Release Time:2022-09-14


As a professional manufacturer of automotive inductors, Kadjar Electronics focuses on the research and development of magnetic core materials, and the design optimization of coils and inductors to reduce power loss during voltage conversion. At the same time, Kedahar has been committed to providing high-value products for the automotive market for a long time, working closely with automotive electronics R&D engineers to provide continuous support for customers to select the right magnetic components.

The design and development of Kadagar automotive power inductor meet the AEC-Q200 standard, and the development of new products and processes meet the requirements established in the APQP process. Kodak Electronics not only has the iatf16949 quality management system, but also has a CNAs accredited laboratory, which can test and certify according to aec-q200 passive component product verification standard; At the same time, PPAP can also be provided according to customer requirements to facilitate end customers to select and approve.

Product characteristics

VSHB0754T series is a car gauge level integrated inductor with composite structure design and hot pressing process, which has higher inductance value, effectively eliminates the risk of interlayer short circuit, and has better product consistency; Full magnetic shielding, strong anti electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance. The product adopts low loss alloy powder magnetic core material, which has the characteristics of high working current and high Q value; The size of the product is 7.70 * 7.40 * 5.20mm, and the lightweight design is to meet the design requirements of small volume and high-density mounting.

This series is specially designed for automotive electronics and has passed the aec-q200 reliability verification. It can work stably in the environment of - 55 ℃ ~ 165 ℃ for a long time and has excellent saturation stability in the whole working temperature range. Fifteen kinds of inductance have been developed, and the inductance ranges from 1.5 μ H~68.0 μ H. Saturation current is 2.8A ~ 16.5a.


Operating environment

Working temperature: - 55 ℃~165 ℃ (including coil heating).

Scope of application

It is applicable to vehicle lighting, BMS, intelligent cabin system, intelligent driving system, T-BOX, Internet of Vehicles, airbag and other automotive electronic applications.

Environmental protection standards

VSHB0754T series meets RoHS, REACH, halogen-free and other environmental requirements.


Aec-q200 reliability test report can be provided. The delivery time of bulk orders is only 6-8 weeks, and samples can be applied.

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