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Advanced energy launches AC / DC on-board converters for industrial and telecommunications applications

Release Time:2022-08-26

[introduction] advanced energy company (NASDAQ: AEIS) - the global leader in highly engineered precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions - Artesyn brand under advanced energy launched a new aif42 AC / DC converter, expanding the influence of AE in the industrial, robot and 5g telecom markets. This new converter reduces system size, has the best in class conversion efficiency of up to 93%, and improves reliability by minimizing the need for external components.

Advanced energy launches new AC / DC on-board converters for industrial and telecom applications, simplifying operation and ensuring reliable operation

The rated continuous power of aif42 full brick module is 500W, and the functions are integrated into one, which is easy to use, can be quickly designed and applied, and can be quickly launched. The integrated functions include proprietary internal surge current limitation, which saves space, reduces the total cost of the system and improves the reliability by eliminating the external components required to provide surge current protection. In addition, the auxiliary output of 10V can realize that the low-power auxiliary circuit is directly powered by the module without using an AC / DC power converter.

"Advanced energy's new modular power supply is designed for applications that require high performance and reliable operation in harsh environments," said Joe Voyles, vice president of industrial power conversion product marketing of advanced energy. "The new aif42 has industry-leading efficiency, can simplify and speed up application design, and minimize the total cost of materials by providing application focused built-in functions."

In a wide load range, this converter has high working efficiency, which can reduce energy consumption and minimize heat dissipation. The module design is optimized for i.p. sealed applications and external mounted systems in highly polluting environments, because these applications or systems require solutions for thermal bonding and contact cooling with cold walls or radiators. Therefore, it can still provide 100% of the available output power when the bottom plate temperature is up to 100 º C.

PMBus ™ Control and monitoring enable designers to optimize power operation according to the specific needs of the target application. This connectivity can also be used to obtain information about power and system health during field operations.

Aif42 full brick module is applicable to a wide general input range of 90 ~ 264Vac, and can provide 12V nominal isolated output with a rated load of 0 ~ 42a. By adding recommended capacitors to the HVDC port of the module, the external holding function can be realized. For applications requiring two units to operate in parallel, the active current sharing and start-up synchronization functions simplify the implementation of the solution.

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About advanced energy

Advanced energy (NASDAQ: AEIS) is committed to designing and manufacturing advanced and precise power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission critical applications and process equipment, and its technology in this field has been leading the world. AE has been providing customers with a variety of power solutions to enable customers to develop various innovative products for various complex applications in different industries, including semiconductor equipment, industrial products, production equipment, telecommunications equipment, data center computing systems and medical care equipment. With its extensive and profound professional accumulation and global rapid response service network, AE strives to meet the rapid development of technology, promote the growth of customers and help the future of technology through close cooperation. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, AE has been committed to providing perfect power products for global customers for 40 years.

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