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Murata launches 72W ultra thin 4-split buck DC-DC charge pump module supporting 48V input voltage

Release Time:2022-08-27

     [guide] Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Murata") has developed a 4-split buck DC-DC "charge pump module (myc0409)" (hereinafter referred to as "the product") with the industry's high power density (5.4kw / inch3) and supporting 48V input voltage. The product has been mass produced.

The previous industry standard product - insulated brick converter can step down from 48V to the intermediate bus (usually 12V), while this product can provide a maximum power of 72W with a peak efficiency of about 97% through the company's unique substantially lossless switched capacitor architecture (1). In addition, by adopting the interleaving mode (2), extremely low input / output ripple performance is also realized.

With the above performance, the system designer can distribute the product near the load to reduce the copper loss on the printed circuit board, and build a centralized 48V bus system by connecting the product in parallel, so as to carry out more appropriate motherboard design. Moreover, the product is 2.0mm high and compact in package shape, which is suitable for low profile applications and installation on the back of the motherboard.

For the step-down conversion from 48V input voltage in HPC (3), accelerator card, network router and optical transmission equipment with increasing demand for high power density, this product provides a breakthrough high-power and high-efficiency solution.

(1) A voltage conversion circuit composed of a capacitor and a semiconductor switch.

(2) A circuit mode in which the same circuit network configured in parallel operates in sequence without duplication.

(3) Short for "high performance computing". The calculation amount per unit time is extremely large and is used for a server or the like.

The director of the low power products Department of the power module business department, Mr. Mitsuo, said: "In recent years, the rapid growth of 5g and the Internet of things market is increasing the power density limit of data centers and network equipment. Therefore, in order to reduce the copper loss of the bus and printed circuit board, the next generation system has begun to migrate from the current 12V bus system to the 48V bus system. Last year, the company took the lead in launching a unique discrete IC solution supporting 48V input power - flexicp ™ Series (pe25204). This product can meet the needs of further miniaturization. It is the first batch of charge pump module series, a module solution integrating charge pump IC and passive components with our unique resin packaging technology. "

Features of this product

● provide maximum 72W power with 97% peak efficiency.

● substantially lossless switched capacitor architecture.

● interleaving mode is adopted to realize extremely low input and output ripple and noise characteristics.

● realized a more space saving and efficient 48V converter, which can be used in a space with a height of 2.0mm.

● it can also be used for 24v-36v input power supply used in battery charging circuit and industrial power supply.

Main specifications


eleven point five × nine point five × 2.0mm grid array package (LGA).


Samples have been provided.

For evaluation kits and bulk orders, please consult the sales head in each region.

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