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Diodes launches mode Programmable Synchronous Boost converter to improve energy efficiency of consumer devices

Release Time:2022-08-24

[introduction] diodes (NASDAQ: diod) launched a high-efficiency Synchronous Boost converter. Ap72250 provides boost conversion capability and is designed for small and compact consumer and industrial product applications, including battery powered devices, USB power supplies, mobile power supplies, super capacitor charging devices, and metering systems.

 Ap72250 supports 900khz switching frequency and 20 µ a quiescent current (IQ), and covers a wide input voltage range of 0.6V to 5.5V. The minimum starting voltage is 1V, and the output voltage range is 1.7V to 5.5V. This boost converter also includes 20m Ω high side and 26m Ω low side power MOSFETs.

Ap72250 can select multiple operation modes and program according to user requirements. Modes include pulse frequency modulation (PFM), ultrasonic wave (USM) and forced pulse width modulation (fpwm). In case of heavy load or light load, the engineer can select the mode to adjust the operation to achieve maximum efficiency. Therefore, even under light load, the efficiency of 89% can be maintained at most. The ultrasonic mode (USM) can prevent switching in the audible frequency range.

Ap72250 has excellent line and load transient response, and can seamlessly switch boost and through modes in product applications where required. The peak current mode control mechanism of ap72250 enables it to handle various input and output ratios. Therefore, compared with other solutions in the industry, it can significantly reduce the number of external components required, thereby reducing the bill of materials (BOM) cost. In addition, it has the functions of undervoltage locking, overheating protection, peak current limit, negative current limit, and output short-circuit protection.

Ap72250 is packaged in wlcsp-12 (size: 1.75mm x 1.35mm x 0.45mm).

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